small things

small things
And there was light

Friday, January 14, 2011

Why am I blogging

Long long ago in 2004 I wrote something, I wasnt familiar with this blogging stuff then. Have infact denied myself of it for quite sometime. But couldnt help writing in hard or soft forms.... I wrote long FB messages, not so required long mails and what not. And today when I asked myself a question why am I not blogging really didnt have an answer. I write coz I am wandering, wandering for the soul. But what is soul.. dont really know about it, sounds crazy though but I am still wandering for it ... soul of my past... soul of my future... soul of my work.... soul of my likes.... and a soul of me.......

I think I can write, good bad ugly who knows nor would I like to argue on that. 
Every writer has to be in love... in love with something ... in love with someone... in love with life..... or in love with that UNKNOWN.....a writer without love is not a writer.....Hope whosoever reads it would agree....

Alls apart this weekend I would probably put a few on this portal.... the ones I had written in past.... the ones who no one read.... and the ones who few read.... some told untold stories.....


  1. "a writer without love is not a writer".. true.

  2. welcome to blogging world..came thru to yours via Volatile spirits(anupama) who is not a only a fellow blogger friend but a very close friend in real life and also fellow college mate from SPA.(ur an SPAite too, that much i know)

    Yess, we all blog for our own satifaction and love for writing, photography and wat not......!!
    happy blogging!!!