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small things
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Gold Miner

Before penning my thoughts on the subject I would like to mention this post was suggested by someone... The laziest man on earth I have ever met! Last nite on FB chat when I met him as he is in SA for few weeks, told him I am getting into blogosphere and he said thats great do write about me and my *#*#*## (this is what is this post is about)

Gold Miner is what I would call him as. And Gold Mining- Its the first thing he does in the  morning and its the last thing he does before going to bed.

And all those countless times he does it all throughout the day eeeeksss ya I know eeekksss but all that I had missed out in all these days is the smile on his face when he is gold mining.

The joy a child gets when he goes to a toy store and wants to spend those endless moments there, forgetting about the rest of the world that is how he looks when he is gold mining. The kid when finally picks up a toy and is ready to go home with the satisfaction of a victory is how he looks when the gold mining is over.

Nevertheless I dont like when he gold mines. Sometimes in all this adherence to the societal norms of living, behaving, health and hygiene probably we forget ourselves and our basic need and rather right of staying happy.

I cannot negate the fact here Gold Mining makes him happy sometimes thats the happiest moment of his day. He Gold Mines with full concentration forgetting about the rest of the world and people around.

Atleast once in a day we all plan our day thinking what all we have to do throughout the day and at the end of the day we do think what all we accomplished in the day. We dont do it specially we do it sometimes while eating, reading, travelling, few mins before sleep and I do it sometimes during bathing.

But I think he does it during Gold Mining, infact I think that besides the daily plan outs he does a lot of life planning over this Gold Mining. I wont be surprised if that life planning included smaller things like shopping to bigger things like investment decisions..

Who knows probably when I am writing this post probably he is Gold Mining amongst those Zulu speaking people in that other part of the world.

Anyways I am done on my dedication and "Gold Mining" in this post to be read as "Nose Digging"...

Ewwww isnt it.... yes thats what I was expecting but whatever!!!

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