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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Confessions of an FB Addict

Another week goes by and here I write about another important part of our lives lately 'social networking' which is synonymous to FB these days used to be Hi5 orkut My space once upon a time. One day as usual was hooked to FB and was following some activities of some of my super juniors of college and I realized that this bunch of youngsters live out FB. I wonder how much they would be missing if they did not login to FB at all.  Btw this post was to come earlier but really didnt get time away from FB to write about it :P.

I did not know that there existed a term called FB addict. But when I googled I found FB addict as defined by Urban Dictionary, is often used on forums and facebook itself. Someone who, instead of "does other stuff then occasionally goes on Facebook" choses to "go on facebook then occasionally do other stuff.

FAD is Facebook Addiction Disorder ......And even WikiHow comes up with ways to overcome FAD...

So to start with I believe you get into FB for four reasons
  1. To find old friends
  2. To interact at a different platform with the people you interact daily... as if meeting them all through the day wasnt enough...
  3. Just for the heck of it or to know what is this FB business....since all the people around are doing it how can I not be part of the crowd
  4. You have heard on of these...Oh so u dont know what FB is how lame? U are not on FB wow? How do u  connect with ur friends if ur not on FB ? ( as if phones have stopped existing)
And soon here are you posting photographs sharing links, videos and notes, play games, using its various applications  putting "Likes" and "Comments"

Life has become so easy and complicated at the same time, once upon a time when a person had to show his or her attitude would show in her behaviour and clothing, I had a T which I loved and many times used to wear the days I wanted to wear my attitude... it had a message " You can either agree with me or be wrong". Today when you want to show it you just put on your status message "Your not liking me is not my problem,figure it out baby,I don't live to please you"  and there are 7 likes and 2 comments on it till now.

Notifications or updates are something that actually tell you what new going on in your friends' lives. One day I got a message from a friend saying she has bought new shoes. I wanted to see them and in any case it was a nice idea to catch her up for a drink, but later I realized that before me receiving that SMS it was already there on FB and there were already 14 likes to it.... wow....I wonder on the kind of reach it has....

People hibernate and hibernate for various reasons.... there was a time when if I did not get any message or call from a friend for a long time, I would get worried and call her/him up. Today am assured by FB updates that she/he is fine. Also if I just wanna see a friend is ok or not I Poke. I did not understand this poking business until I had poked a friend 36 times and was poked by him 38 times. Tired of it I googled and asked 'AA'  from that bunch whats this poking business is. Finally understood and stopped poking.

We all love to play computer games but FB has taken it to a new level, where you actually get a chance to play actively alongwith your friends. Farmville one of the most addictive games of FB kept people hooked into it till they reached the penultimate level. They would put alarms so that when their crops are ready to harvest they dont even waste a minute. One day miss 'SS' stopped talking to 'AA' poor guy tried all means to understand what was wrong with her, and to his surprise he came to know that since he didnt fertilize her farm and did not gift her, her much desired pig. She doesnt want to talk to him anymore. Wow we had so fewer reasons amongst our friends for those little sweet feuds.

One of the most funniest thing on FB is its applications.....Who will murder you? Wow wish such apps were designed by CIDs and CBIs and FBIs... solving cases would be so much easier.  Profile picture analyzer which gives percentages and adds up to somewhat 200-300% wish my professors gave me marks on the scale of that.  Or "Who loved you most in year 2010' Do really need an app to tell you that??? Those irritating Fortune Cookies or Daily horoscopes of people on your homepage someone tell them that I dont even read my horoscope daily least interested in knowing ur arghhhh!!!!

I havent yet mentioned the most attention drawing aspect of FB which is Relationship status gives you an option of Single, in a relationship, open relationship and the most used one 'its complicated' Somebody tell me whose life is simple these days and which relationship doesnt have its own flip flops but it sounds good when you say it on FB.

Likes and Commenting are the two most powerful tool of FB. You comment when you have time else you just put a like. Lately I have discovered that you can also put a like on the comment.  You put 'wtf' half people reading it would put a like rest half would ask whats wrong buddy. Itni chinta hai to ek phone ghumalo yaar

Close second to Like and Comment is Tag you put any thing and Tag ur friends so that they can 'like' and comment'..... oooops this is getting too 'complicated'

FB has taken our inquisitiveness regarding other people's lives to a new level. And all the more FB has taken our eagerness of sharing our lives to a new level.

When I am writing this blog... my FB window is open parallely and I am reading comments and counting likes on the latest profile pic I have uploaded... :)

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  1. social networking is definitely changed our lives and our way of interacting with family & friends.....wat i feel is that it is powerful tool to be used and we just have to know how...i mean i have been a blogger from 2006 and have seen how effectively it has been used by me fellow bloggers( and to a certain degree by me) to have their blogs gain popularity , not only that i have seen two indigenous businesses(Jhola CO. and Chumbak) have a roaring success all with the help of FB.
    As for being addicts , well.....people are to blame for that and not FB!!!....
    ultimately, we are the masters of our own profile, what we choose to do, how and how much we want to do choices lie with us....