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small things
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Threat !! The best way to get rid of a stubble

Its a perfect evening and you and your man are going out for that dinner you have been longing for..

He: hey are you ready yet?
She: Nopes will take a bit more time

She: By the way , why have u started looking like a thief?
He: Thief? ohh you mean my stubble look?

She: Didnt I tell you before only Bradley Cooper can carry a good stubble look
He:  umm uhmm mmm aaa

She: Hey did I tell u about the itch I get when I use this hair removing cream?
He: Ohh they must be harsh on ur skin

She: Yeah and you know this wax.. that I need to heat first .. put on my skin and then have to pull with a tissue paper..sometimes it pains a lot...
He: Must be really painful
She: But this wax is a messy affair... these days waxing strips are much better... though pains equally
He: Umm ok

She: Do you know what an epilator is?
He: Nopes
She: Its an equipment that pulls ur body hair..
He: Ohh my gosh thats a really really painful way of getting rid of hair.

He: But ! why are you telling me all this
She: Because if you DONT get rid of ur stubble right  NOW... I have my own ways of getting rid of it when you sleep like a baby at night.

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

This post is a part of the <a href="" title="Shave or Crave" target="_blank">'Shave or Crave'</a> movement in association with <a href="" title="The biggest community of Indian Bloggers" target="_blank"></a>