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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bollywood Makeover- Delhi Belly

Aamir's much hyped Delhi Belly has released.. Before the movie release I was wondering what does Delhi Belly means n after using the most common tool of Google I came to know its a slang at it means "diarrhoea experienced by travelers in a foreign country, who are not accustomed to the local food and water"After so much of a hype around,  I couldn't really wait and went on the day of its release..

Delhi Belly isn't for everybody .... its for a very specific crowd.. and that specific is 18+ to 40, English speaking, city, urbane middle class to elites.. If you are thinking of taking your parents to it ...then forget about it .. they are not gonna like it...  

The movie is packed with rude, dark, filthy and shameless humour which has been smartly packed in a fast paced story... In this sheer brilliance of 96 minutes you nowhere feel there is a lack of story or lack of pace... there is no left right centre it is too focused a movie...

Its a story of three flatmates, friends and partner in crime Tashi (Imran Khan) Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor) and  Arup ( Vir Das). The story is how Tashi gets entangled in the mess of two women in his life Sonia (Shenaz) and Menaka. The story comes from a series of coincidences and accidental exchanges.. Sonia is supposed to drop a packet containing diamonds and that gets exchanged with a stool sample of Nitin who is struck with Delhi Belly.

The madness comes in the movie with a stoic gangster who is after the diamonds and Menaka's crazy ex / not so ex husband. What results from all this a strong storytelling which is no way synonymous to anything complicated... and doesn't let you sit without laugh for even for a minute.. This thriller comedy is one of its kind and never been experimented in Bollywood before.... coming with this kind of a movie is a major makeover..

The movie borrows its Tagline "Shit Happens" from one of my favs Forrest Gump .. but thats the only thing I believe has been borrowed...

Its not one of those Golmaal n Dhamal genre movie which you watch and forget
Its a must watch and a movie to may find it gross but still you'd say you liked it...

The movie has two versions.. Hindi and Hinglish ...if you really wanna have a feel go for the Hinglish one.. also if you think there is any relevance of it being shot in Delhi... then you are going to be disappointed.. this story could have been based anywhere..

At the end seriously SHIT HAPPENS....


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